This inspiring 2 day Training builds upon the Level 1 Training and increases the tools in your toolkit for giving Reiki Treatments. You will learn methods to send Reiki healing from a distance and powerful techniques for transformation and change.

This exciting 2 day Reiki Level 1 Training focuses on self-healing as you learn how to take healing into your own hands. Students become a channel for the Reiki energy and are shown all the hand positions for giving oneself, family and friends a full Reiki Treatment as well as other tools and techniques to help you on your personal journey.

You will begin to use Reiki straight away in a safe environment so your confidence can grow over the 2 days.

Who is this course for?
All of our courses are designed so that anyone can benefit from the material presented. In order to attend, Reiki level 2 you need to have completed Reiki level 1 (with myself or another teacher)

The class material is helpful for professionals such as medical practitioners, nurses, massage therapists, complimentary health practitioners, physicians, or anyone interested in healing themselves or who wish to use Reiki for spiritual growth, personal development or to help family & friends.

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Reiki, unlike many modern day remedies works directly on the root cause of the condition
Lorna Jean
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During the course you will learn and experience:

    • The Reiki Symbols
    • Cleansing and Creating Healing Space
    • Using Reiki with Crystals
    • Using the Reikie Symbols and Mantras for Meditation
    • Communication Styles
    • Learn about practicing Reiki professionally (eg) Client consultations & questionnaires, insurance
    • The Chakra System revise and expand your knowledge
    • Distant Healing
    • Seichem / Sekhem
    • Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health
    • Advanced Techniques

Why Reiki?

  • Reiki is a natural effective healing system.
  • Reiki creates a channel of energy from the practitioner to the client. It is this channel which facilitates the inherent ability of the body to heal itself.
  • Reiki is organic, simple and safe.
  • Reiki works effectively with all other medical and therapeutic treatments to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

All Reiki Courses Include:

  • Reiki Certificate
  • Continued support
  • 2 hour follow up session one month after training
    (A space to revise techniques and answer any questions).
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