Private Retreat

The retreats are suitable for adults, men and women, complete beginners to advanced. Intensives can be tailored to be quite gentle and nurturing or more dynamic and challenging. The retreat is personally tailored to suit each individual or couple or small group of friends and can last from one day to one week. The retreat offers support to immerse yourself in self exploration and has a strong focus on self awareness for the purpose of change. We dive deeply into the psyche to understand who you are and what you desire to become. 

Retreats require the willingness to look at the  shadow aspects of oneself, fears and beliefs in order to become free of patterns of thought and emotion that have held you captive for a lifetime. Change then happens at the core level of mind, within the person’s internal operating system, and when the person grows significantly at this level it creates the impetus for equally significant shifts in their behaviors, choices, and emotions. Over time, real transformation occurs,  the necessary thoughts, attitudes, and behavior  will become embedded and wellness and change arise organically.

The venues are tailored to suit the retreat. This includes both residential or non residential retreats.

The retreat  includes but is not limited to learning or advancing:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Shadow Work

Psychological Processes

Energy work such as Reiki / IET / Rahanni /Access Consciousness / Reflexology

Somatic Processing


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Walking in nature

Outdoor Meditations

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