Course Overview:

This course aims to teach you life skills to analyze yourself and your environment and teach you experiential processes for awareness, psychological movement and deep change.

This  Personal Development course is designed to enhance your relationship with the self and with others.  It offers you a chance to get to know yourself better in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. The course has been developed to train participants in the art of introspection, effective thinking, emotional regulation, awareness building and Meditation. This course is substantially rooted in Jungian Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Developmental Psychology,  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mind-Body Medicine and Somatic  Meditation and Mindfulness. 

 The world is waking up and we are beginning to understand we are more than just our physical bodies. Humans are a complex collection of thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition. It is vital to our well-being that we understand our multi faceted character. A refusal to take into consideration our multi faceted nature can effect the quality of our health, quality of our relationships and the quality of how we relate to the world at large. This course will guide you to focus on multiple aspects of the self for the purpose of optimum health and personal development.

Course Content: 

  • Week 1. The Psyche/ Psychological and Personality Types
    Week 2. Shadow Work & Projection
    Week 3. Meditation, Somatic Processing and Emotional Regulation
    Week 4: Attachment styles, communication styles 
    Week 5: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching , NLP Tools, Values , Strengths
    Week 6: Dream Analysis/ Dialogue with the Unconscious, Memory

Above contents are subject to change due to ongoing development of the course and feedback from the students. 

Is This Course  for Me?
People on this course come from all different backgrounds. No special prior qualifications are needed, just a willingness to learn and get involved. The course runs in small groups. 


Course Practicalities:
This course is delivered through a series of interactive workshops and lectures. There will be work required to do in between lectures for your personal understanding and growth.

Cork - To Be Confirmed

Online - Confirmed

Time Commitment

There are two options . One evening a week (7pm - 9pm) for 6 weeks or a  two day option run over a weekend on a Saturday and Sunday. Please note the weekend option is more intense as we delve into the course for two full days. 

Course Facilitator
Lorna Jean Bolster

Contact Details: