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What is Aura Scanning, Cleansing, and Beaming

What is Aura Scanning, Cleansing, and Beaming?

Keeping your aura clean and flowing can be beneficial on many levels. With continual upkeep, like you will receive while enjoying Reiki workshops in Cork, at Lorna Jeanā€™s, you can lead a more balanced life. There are several practices of Reiki that can help to align your aura and ensure a healthy flow of energy […]

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Learn to Maintain Balance in Your Life with Grounding and Protection

The practice of Reiki has been around for centuries. This practice of healing and keeping your energies healthy can benefit you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. It is import to keep your energies free-flowing and aligned through Reiki for a balanced life. A few of the ways Reiki can help to harmonize your life […]

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