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Professional Training & Experience

Jung Centre of Ireland (Dublin) - Jungian Psychology Studies

Lorna Jean  graduated from the Jung Centre of Ireland with a Professional Certificate Course in Jungian Psychology Studies and a Certificate in Dream Analysis led by Jasbinder Garnermann - one of Ireland's leading Jungian Psychologists. The Certificate course was a study of Jung's Psychology as a way of exploring the unconscious and the role in plays in the personal  life and world stage. In addition to a thorough grounding in Jungian Psychology, the course was also facilitating growth and spiritual awareness. The course explored the concepts of the Unconscious, the Archetypes, the Ego, the Shadow, Persons, Anima/Animus and the Self.  A key role in the studies was Dream Interpretation, the study of Complexes, psychological typology and myth.

University College Cork (UCC) - Psychology Studies

Lorna Jean has completed her studies at UCC in Cork in Psychology studies under the directorship of Dr. Mike Murphy. 

University College Cork (UCC) - Coaching Psychology 

Lorna Jean is  currently continuing her studies at UCC in Cork  in Psychology with a Level 8 Coaching Psychology HDIP under the directorship of Dr. Hugh O Donovan and Pat O Leary.

Lorna Jean is a Natural Health Consultant deeply rooted in the health and wellness industry for 19 years. Lorna Jean acquired her Diploma in Holistic Studies in Cork in 1999/2000 and began her work in the Holistic Health and Wellness industry. Lorna Jean continued to study and completed further training, qualifying as a NLP Coach ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist in order to have a multi faceted understanding of the body and mind. Her studies continue in the field of Psychology, Meditation and Spirituality. Lorna Jean has worked in private and community settings successfully helping many people to achieve emotional, physical and mental well-being. 

Lorna Jean continues her work in private clinical practice, delivers workshops in Personal Development and Certified Training in Reiki. She has also presented at local events and has contributed to local magazines as an expert on meditation, natural healing and other health and wellness related topics.

Lorna Jean discovered an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual that can be contacted and communicated with. "This communication creates insight and truly deep change for us."

Cert Psychology                                                                                                                                            Dip. Holistic Studies
Dip. Stress Management
Dip. Reflexology
Dip. Anatomy & Physiology
Dip. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)                                                                                                 Prof Cert. Deep Brain Reorienting
Prof Cert. Dream Analysis
Prof Cert. Jungian Psychology Studies
Dip. Neuromuscular Physical Therapy
Dip. Orthopedic Sports Massage
Prof Cert.  Reiki Master/Teacher
Prof Cert.  Rahanni Teacher
Prof Cert.  Advanced Level IET
Prof Cert.  Access Consciousness Foundation,  Level 1 & Body
Prof Cert.  Bars Facilitator                                                                                                                          Dip. Aesthetic Treatments                                                                                                                        Prof. Cert Indian Head Massage (Teacher)

My Journey

My name is Lorna Jean and like everybody else I have experienced my own struggles and truth be told I wasn't always aware of the seriousness of the turmoil until I look back now through more educated eyes. My personal development occurred very naturally which I later discovered was my innate ability to perceive the world around me absent the veil of superficial societal structures.

I gravitated to ethereal philosophies and psychology, to discover a profundity to life's meaning, a journey I now recognise will keep me pondering until I'm old and wrinkly. Growing up the weird and whacky fascinated me and I found myself seeking to understand more about this un-conveyed world, an world invisible, a world concealed.

The eccentric to many may be natural to the few and this certainly is my experience. I have encountered an abundance of mystical occurrences and events which directed me towards esoteric knowledge. The unfolding of my work seemed such a natural flawless process. Experiential learning, knowledge acquired in my own processing and in my work became instrumental to the development of the work I do today . This consciously prompted me to share this information with others. I had, and continue to have a yearning to impart this vast knowledge to anyone who seeks to challenge the veil of perception.

The steady stream of information allowed me time to interpret, understand and experience concepts. The information was arriving to me naturally convoluted requiring a synthesis to make it more accessible. This delivery still arrives in the same ambiguous format necessitating a great deal of focus to arrange it in a way that can be amenable to all. I am a conduit for that process.

With this ethereal impetus I began studying in the field of body work and subtle energy in 1999. I felt internally drawn to study Reiki, Rahanni, Integrated Energy Therapy, Access Consciousness, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports Massage, Reflexology and became a licensed Therapist. Over time I moved away from the more physical related therapies and gravitated towards psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics as areas of interest.

The continued appreciation through personal recommendations of clients and students have emboldened my continued enthusiasm for what I do. The healing that I have witnessed perpetuates my focus and creates an unquenchable desire to discover an obscured consciousness.

Healing is an individual, personal and gradual path of awareness, and I have learned with time that each person must find it by themselves. Experience has demonstrated to me that healing is achieved by our own inner will and introspection. Anything else, be it a technique or a person, is merely temporary external assistance and guidance, which is at times necessary and beneficial, but will not complete the work. Needless to say I thoroughly respect each person's free will to choose for themselves the graduation to healing and my role is to simply facilitate this journey.

I spend much time in nature and meditation and this allows time for introspection and pondering which in turns amplifies and progresses the facilitation I can offer to my students and clients.

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